ABRSM Cello Syllabus 2020-2023

We’re delighted that a number of our pieces for cello have been selected on ABRSM’s new cello syllabus. In addition, David has prepared several new arrangements of pieces at the early grades, published in ABRSM’s books of pieces. All the pieces selected from Cello Time Joggers, Runners and Sprinters can be accompanied in the exam by either piano or cello, using our books of piano or cello accompaniments.


List C: On the Prowl (Joggers; included in the graded book), Off to School (Starters)   piano accompaniment in  Starters Teacher’s Handbook

Grade 1

List A: Patrick’s Reel (Joggers)    Joggers accompaniment books:  piano  cello

List B: Rocking Horse (Joggers)

List C: Pick a Bale of Cotton (Runners)    Runners accompaniment books:  piano  cello

Grade 2

List C: Mexican Fiesta (Runners)

Grade 3

List C: Wild West (Sprinters; in the graded book)

Grade 4

List B: Someday (Sprinters)    Sprinters accompaniment books:  piano  cello

List C: Russian Wedding (Sprinters)