ABRSM Violin Syllabus from 2024

The ABRSM violin syllabus from 2024 features a number of pieces from our Fiddle Time Joggers, Runners and Sprinters books. There are also pieces selected from our Solo Time for Violin books, and also from our popular book, Bach for Violin.

The 2024 syllabus also includes selections from our recent set of 3 books, Violin Mix. From Violin Mix Book 1 there’s a lively arrangement of an American folk tune, ‘Let us chase the squirrel’ for Initial Grade, a charming piece by Chevalier de Saint-Georges selected for Grade 1, alongside the ever popular ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. For Grade 2, violin selections from Violin Mix Book 2 include the Afro-American Spiritual ‘I want to be ready’, and a delicate and elegant ‘Rondeau Theme’ by Chevalier de Saint-Georges. From Violin Mix Book 3 Grade 3 selections include an exciting arrangement by Ros Stephen of the Ukrainian folk tune ‘Hayla carries water’, and a lively piece in the style of a hornpipe by Cecilia Maria Barthélemon.