More String Time Joggers

The Companion Website page on the OUP website has several related resources, all of which can be downloaded free of charge:

Audio files – performances and backing tracks – of all the pieces in the collection

Wordsheets for the three songs (for singers who want to sing along with the strings)

Optional piano accompaniments for two of the rounds

Sample pages to view

The four suites in the collection are: Space Suite, Travel, Globe-trotting, and Theme Park.

Space Suite: here’s a recording of the first piece from the Space Suite, complete with sound effects! – March of the astronauts

Travel Suite: this happy piece is all about the joys of Riding my bike – check out the words on the OUP Companion Website

Globe-trotting Suite: this gets to Africa with this lovely traditional Shona melody from Zimbabwe – African song

Theme Park Suite: back home it’s time for the Big Wheel waltz

And finally here’s a recording of one of the Extras – it’s a round called Carnival time