Fiddle Time 20th anniversary

Let’s have a party! We’ve written a FREE violin duet (approx. Grade 1 level) for pupil and teacher in celebration of our anniversary – download here

Visit the OUP website for more about Fiddle Time here.

In 1998 we published the first editions of Fiddle Time Starters, Joggers and Runners. Since then it’s been a pleasure and delight to build the series into a suite of books from beginners to Grade 8, and we thank the many teachers and students who have supported our work.

One of the joys of writing Fiddle Time has been the chance to get involved with the European String Teachers Association (ESTA). Particular thanks to Phil, John and Steve at ESTA UK, our many friends in ESTA The Netherlands, Clarissa, Jorges, Rita Mendes and many others at ESTA Portugal, and Kristian Kolman at ESTA Slovenia. For string teaching ideas, fine concerts, food and drink and European camaraderie, ESTA conferences are second to none!

We’ve often written string pieces based on folk tunes of the European countries we’ve visited. Take a look at these pieces on our Downloads page and try them out. This page has other pieces and games to download free and use.

With thanks

Kathy and David

See the full range of Fiddle Time books here