D major scale game

Three in a row – a musical version of noughts and crosses for two players.

How to play: Select your instrument, then print one copy of the playing board. Print two copies of the clue cards in two different colours and cut out – give each player a set of clue cards. Player 1 selects a card and places it in the correct place on the board. Player 2 does the same. If a card is selected and is already on the board, then miss a turn. The first player to get 3 cards of the same colour in any row, column or diagonal is the winner!

Violin:  Playing board    Clue cards

Viola:  Playing board    Clue cards

Cello:  Playing board    Clue cards

Cello game in Italian

Thanks to Michele Galvagno, we now have a version of the cello game translated into Italian!

Playing board and clue cards