Trinity Viola Syllabus 2020-2023

We’re delighted that a number of our pieces for viola have been selected on Trinity’s new viola syllabus. All the pieces selected from Viola Time Joggers, Runners and Sprinters can be accompanied in the exam by either piano or viola, using our books of piano or viola accompaniments.


Arbeau, Sword Dance (String Time Starters)    piano accompaniment

City Lights or Daydream or Happy Go Lucky or Rhythm Fever or Rowing Boat (Joggers)   Joggers accompaniment books:  piano  viola

More Mini Mozart (theme and one rhythm variation) Viola Time Starters    piano accompaniment in Starters Teacher’s Handbook

Grade 1

Rocking Horse (Joggers)

Handel, Finale from Water Music (Runners)    Runners accompaniment books:  piano  viola

Grade 3

J. S. Bach, Gavotte, from Cello Suite No. 1 (Solo Time for Viola, book 1)

Bizet Habañera or Wild West (Sprinters)    Sprinters accompaniment books:  piano  viola

Dancla, Petite Fantasie (from Petite Fantasie and Boléro) (Solo Time for Viola, book 2)

Satie, La diva de l’Empire (Solo Time for Viola, book 1)

Grade 4

Trad. Scottish, Afton Water (Solo Time for Viola, book 2)